The Handbook contains all policy, procedure, and guidelines for new members for the entire band program at Connellsville Area Senior High School: Concert Bands, Marching Band, Indoor Winter Ensembles. Please refer to it if you have any questions. If your questions cannot be answered after referring to the handbook, please contact the band director.

Not Returning on Bus Form

Members who wish to travel home from a performance site with their parents must fill out this form. If it is not filled out, they must ride the bus back to the Senior High School. This is in place so that the chaperones and directors can take accurate attendance records. 

Band/Ensemble Excuse Form

Remember, reasons for an excuse cannot be, "out of town" or regular doctor or dentist appointments. Please refer to the Band Program Handbook for complete guidelines for attendance and excuses.

 Clearances Forms Information

In order to chaperone with this year's edition of the Mighty Falcon Marching Band, ALL CHAPERONES must turn in a Chaperone Agreement Form.  You can submit this form online below, or you can turn in a hard copy to the black box in the band room. The packet with the form included is below. 

If you have not submitted valid Pennsylvania clearances ACT 34 Criminal Record Check,  ACT 151 Child Abuse Clearance, and paperwork for the ACT 114 - Fingerprinting/FBI Clearance, you can apply for those online. Below are the links to do so.  The packet below has all of the forms you need if you want to submit for your clearances via United States Postal Service. 

Links to apply for your clearances online: 

  • ACT 34 Criminal Record

  • ACT 151 Child Abuse

  • ACT 114 Fingerprint/FBI Clearance registration MUST be done online.

    • The information you will receive from registering for the FBI fingerprint clearance must be taken to a local fingerprinting location. There will be a number that they must have to bring up your profile. Be sure that you indicate that you want to receive a paper copy of the clearance so we can copy them for our records!

    • The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process. You will first register for the check, then schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted.

      1. Go to https://uenroll.identogo.com/.

      2. The "Volunteer" Service Code is "1KG6ZJ"  (For other Service Codes, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services website).

      3. Click "Schedule or Manage Appointment."

      4. Provide your legal name, date of birth, and method of contact. You must enter "NMN" if you do not have a middle name. Click "Next" when complete.

      5. Provide citizenship information and click "Next" when complete.

      6. Provide answers to the questions listed.

      7. Provide the requested information.

      8. For Mailing Address, make sure you enter the mailing address where you would like your results to be sent. If your home or permanent address is different from your mailing address, you can provide this information in the additional field.

      9. Confirm which photo ID document you will bring with you to the fingerprint appointment. You must bring this document with you when you go to have your fingerprint collection.

      10. Choose the fingerprint site where you will have your fingerprints taken.

      11. Select a date and time for a specific appointment; click submit when done.

      12. The next page is the confirmation screen. This page will confirm your unique registration ID, the estimated amount due, and the methods of payment accepted at the location of your choice. Please bring this information with you to your fingerprint appointment.

    • Here are some local locations where you can get your fingerprinting recorded:

      • Goin Postal Mt. Pleasant

      • Goin Postal Uniontown

      • UPS Greensburg

Once you have received all three approved clearances back in the mail, please turn them in to the black box in the band room. Our Vice President, Lori Firestone, will receive them from the black box. 

NOTE: Clearances are now valid for five years. If you turned in clearances last year, you do not have to resubmit.

Please read the Staff/Chaperone Clearance Information Packet below. If you cannot open the file, there are hard copies available in the band room.

If you are not submitting your Chaperone Agreement Form online, please turn in your hard copy (available in the packet below) to the black box.  Once all forms and clearances are collected, only then will you be contacted by our Booster Vice President, Mrs. Lori Firestone, to chaperone.


2019-2020 SEASON

Thank you for volunteering to chaperone the Pride of Connellsville – the Mighty Falcon Marching Band this year.  Please read over the  following points and complete the online form below.

All chaperones must have their clearances; this includes the State Police Criminal Background Check, the Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Verification, and the FBI Fingerprint Clearance. Instructions for all of these are listed above, and also in the Staff/Chaperone Agreement Packet.


All chaperones must wear school colors, preferably a marching band polo. 

·      Blue jeans (no holes or rips) or a khaki pant are the minimal requirement. NO SWEATPANTS OR ATHLETIC PANTS

·      In colder conditions, please have a coat that is a school color, or a neutral color that matches the band (black, grey). We all want to look as uniform as possible.


All chaperones should be role models for the students.

·      No smoking in view of students

·      No foul language

·      Wear appropriate attire.


Each game/event will have an assigned arrival time at the school. All chaperones must be at the school by that time. If you are not able to work your assigned time, you must let Mrs. Lori Firestone know as soon as possible.  Please make sure you put your cell phone number on this form so that if we need to contact you in an emergency, we can.


ALL chaperones will be responsible for the following:

·      Unload and reload the band

·      Lead chaperone will take roll on their assigned bus

·      Assist with bathroom breaks

·      Help pass items, such as water and raincoats/ponchos out at games

·      Fulfill any other duties as assigned by Mr. Eutsey or any other instructional staff member.


If you have any other questions or problems you should contact Mrs. Lori Firestone at lorifirestone@zoominternet.net or Mrs. Kelly Woods at dkmwoods@gmail.com

Either submit the online form below, or turn a hard copy in to the black box in the band room or at a band booster meeting. When you have received your approved clearances, please turn in copies of all three clearances for our records.


"By checking the 'AGREE' box in the form below, I understand that being a chaperone is a privilege and that I have duties to fulfill during each game, parade, or event. I will fulfill these listed duties and others as asked. I will also abide by the chaperones dress code or I have forfeited my privilege to be a chaperone for the remainder of the marching season.”