Current and Upcoming Fundraisers 

Check back here for information each month on the various fundraisers we offer!

valley dairy

General Fund Fundraiser

Bring your family and friends out to Valley Dairy in Connellsville and 20% gets donated to the band!

But you need to present the form below!

Our next event will be scheduled soon!

Pizza photo.JPG

Little Caesars Pizza Kits & More!

This fundraiser has been extended!

Orders and payment will now be due September 25.

Delivery is scheduled for October 10 at 6:45pm.

Brochures are available in the band room at the high school or you can view them below!


Texas Roadhouse!

Buns by the dozen (frozen), butter AND Gift Cards available!

Orders due by September 25th!

Download the order form below or pick one up in the band room!

cany 2019.jpg

Candy Bars for sale!

Here’s how it works:

You pay for the box up front in two ways:

1) Pay cash and $20.00 goes straight into your student account.

2) Pay with a check and we can hold it until you sell all the candy and turn in the cash and you get your check back.

Either way you make $20.00 per box directly into the student account!

FULL SIZE BARS!They sell for $1.00 each!

If you want a box (or more) contact David to get them from the school!

(This will be an ongoing fundraiser for as long as you are all interested and participating.)