main objective

to assist & promote all high school band activities.


The Connellsville Area Senior High School Band Booster Parent Organization is a wonderful group of parents who work very hard to assist and promote the band program at Connellsville.


monthly band booster meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

(unless otherwise noted)
They are located in the high school band room. 

Fundraising information is distributed at 7:00pm. The official meeting starts at 7:30pm


All parents/guardians of band members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this organization once their child becomes a member of the band program.

The Band Parent Organization organizes all of the fundraisers, which are held throughout the year. They also supply the band with chaperones for football games, parades, festivals, and trips.




We've added a new page dedicated to all the VARIOUS fundraising options we offer!

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Thank you for all your support!


  • Texas Roadhouse!

    Frozen buns by the dozen, butter and gift cards!

    Orders and payment due 9/25!

    Get the order form on the Current Fundraising Page!

  • Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits & More!

    This has been extended!

    Orders and payment due by 9/25. Delivery date is 10/10!

    Get the order form on the Current Fundraising Page!

  • Candy Bars!

    This will be an ongoing fundraiser.

    Full details are on the Current Fundraising Page!

  • We also have Avon!

    New books are in the band room after every monthly meeting!

    Contact Christine Silbaugh for more info!

  • Thank you for your continued support with our monthly Valley Dairy Nights!

    Our next night will be scheduled soon!

    Download the form on the Current Fundraiser Page and turn it in with your bill and the band will receive 20% of your pre tax total!

  • And don’t forget about our “200 Club” for alumni, parents of alumni and local businesses to support The Band!

    With just a $200 (tax deductible) commitment a year for four years you will be help the Band Boosters provide for all the things we do to give the students and the program all they need to be successful and to get all work at being the best they can be!

    Click the link for more information!


2019-20 Band Booster Officers


MR. Glenn J Heller, PRESIDENT   412.691.5850


Ms. Lori Firestone, VICE PRESIDENT

lorifirestone@zoominternet.nEt   724.570.2156       CAHSGRANTS@GMAIL.COM


MRS. Glennda Groh, TREASURER

GLENNDAGROH@YAHOO.COM     724.984.2270



dkmwoods@GMAIL.COM    724.323.2879



hayleydally@hotMAIL.COM    724.322.4275




Fundraising information is distributed at our monthly band booster meetings. They are on the first Tuesday of each month. They are located in the high school band room. Fundraising information is distributed at 7:00pm, before the actual meeting starts at 7:30pm.

There are also fundraising materials located in the band room on the wooden cabinet by the black box. 

You can also "LIKE" our Band Booster page on Facebook!

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Our Fundraising Coordinator is Mr. David Schomer.

If you have any questions, please contact her at

I'm a band parent/guardian.....

What can I do to help?

The Band Parents are vital to the success of the Connellsville Band Program. Without them, we would not be able to do many of the things we do! Here are some things parents can do to help the band through the booster organization:


  • Attend Band Parent Booster Meetings. The general meeting is held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Band Room.


  • Volunteer for Committees. There are many different tasks that need to be done and we could use your help. Some of these tasks include chaperones/travel, telephone/publicity, uniform, ways and means, band banquet.


  • Be supportive of the band program and your child’s participation by: Assisting your child to be prepared and punctual for every rehearsal and performance.


  • Notifying the director if your child is going to be absent or late for a rehearsal or performance. This should be done in advance with a Band/Ensemble Excuse form (can be submitted online, in "Forms" section), unless in an absolute emergency. (See Attendance)


  • Encouraging your child to practice at home & helping them find a quiet place to do so.


  • Showing your interest and support in your child’s music study by enthusiastically attending every performance possible.


  • Arranging for private lessons for your child if at all possible. Please see the band director for contact information for some available instructors in the area.


  • Come to the Band Booster meetings and familiarize yourself with the Band Parent Booster Organization Constitution and By-Laws to make sure you understand the way things are run.


The Band Booster Parent Organization Executive Committee is made up of elected officers and the Band Director. The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall organization and planning of band booster activities. It is our great hope that ALL of the band member’s parents and/or guardians will volunteer to help the Executive Committee with the many activities that go on throughout the year.

If every parent/guardian would volunteer to help with one activity, no one would have to do too much! Besides, what a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

If you were not able to fill out and turn in a Parent/Guardian Involvement Survey located in the handbook OR you would like to revise your selections on the one you already turned in, please fill out the an online version of this form under the "forms" tab.

You might want to help load equipment or build props for the show. You might want to bake cookies or donate food for our Fayette Fair food booth! (Homemade are always better than store bought!) Maybe you could help organize a fundraiser or sell concessions at the fair booth! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Come out and support our band program! If you have any other questions about how to volunteer your time and talents, please contact Mrs. Carol Rock, secretary.

I have an idea that may benefit the band program!

If there is any other way you feel that you could help the band program, please do not hesitate to start a dialogue with Mr. Eutsey by filling out the form below! 

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Meeting minutes will no longer be read in their entirety at each meeting but instead will be emailed to all boosters beginning with the November, 2018 meeting. They will also be posted in the Band Room at the High School.

Thank you!